BINA Incubator hosts the second foundational meeting of the Libyan Businessmen Forum.

BINA Incubator hosts the second foundational meeting of the Libyan Businessmen Forum.




BINA Incubator headquarters in Istanbul, on Thursday evening, March 18-2021, held the second founding meeting of the Libyan Businessmen Forum. The meeting was held with the attendance of Ghazwan Al-Masry, Vice President of the International Business Forum and representative of the presidency in the MUSIAD Association For businessmen in Turkey, and Mustafa Baroudi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Syrian International Business Association in Turkey (SIBA).

The meeting started with Mr. Mustafa El-Sagezli, founder of BINA Incubator, emphasizing the importance of institutions, businessmen forums, associations, and investment forums. In his opening word, Mr. El-Sagezli stated that the establishment of the Libyan businessmen forum in Turkey will help in establishing bridges of cooperation between the two countries and attain a collaboration prospect for commercial exchange and mutual benefits which will lead to a sustainable and efficient development eventually.

Mr. Ghazwan al-Masri has also highlighted the experience regarding establishing the MUSIAD Association for Turkish businessmen, he also described the role of MUSIAD in generating the added value to Turkish markets. MUSIAD encompasses 10 thousand Turkish businessmen, 60 thousand companies that employ nearly 1.8 million employees and workers. MUSIAD Operates in 89 representative offices in Turkey, and 95 countries around the world.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mustafa Baroudi exhibited his experience in establishing the Syrian International Business Association and discussed the nature of the services it provides to businessmen, the benefits of joining such associations that work on creating partnerships such as resolving disputes, expanding markets, and facilitating access to them.

BINA Incubator had already announced on the beginning of March, the establishment of (BINA Investors Club). Which aims to establish a forum that focuses on networking/collaborating between business and startup owners on one hand and a gateway for networking between Arab and Turkish businessmen in Turkey and the world on the other hand. Finally, BINA Investors Club aims for opening new horizons of cooperation and exchanging experiences.

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