Data Analyst

In its endeavor to develop its platform E-BINA, BINA business incubator aims to improve the user experience presence.

This announcement is to hire an expert data-analyst (individual or Agency) to conduct full lifecycle analysis and include requirements, activities and design.
Data analyst will develop analysis and reporting capabilities, as well as monitor performance and quality control plans to identify improvements.

Candidates who will be selected for interviews will be contacted, and any incomplete applications will not be considered.

This call is valid till 1 November 2022 and it’s a one-time task with a fixed-price 2000$.

Please follow this link

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Key accountabilities and role outputs

  • Cleaning, refining, and scrubbing data to ensure it can be used in our data insights and create robust methods to detect missing or poor data.
  • Ensure that the data collected from different places in E-BINA is relevant, homogenized and categorized so the users can get meaningful results.
  • Making data more accessible, understandable, and usable.
  • Analyze customer responses and behaviors in E-BINA.
  • Organize and visualize raw data, aggregated data, insight data.
  • Work closely with PMO team and Country Offices – to generate visualizations and insights on specific topics using data in E-BINA.
  • Preparing and generating reports for the management stating trends, patterns, and predictions using relevant data.
  • Contribute to the definition of new metrics.


Data Analyst Skills Required

As a data analyst, you should possess the following skills:

  • Cleansing and preparing data.
  • Analyzing and exploring data.
  • Expertise in statistics.
  • Analyzing and visualizing data.
  • Reports and dashboards.
  • Communication and writing.
  • Expertise in the entrepreneurship domain.
  • Solution-oriented.


Skills, knowledge, and experience

  • Technical proficiency regarding database design development, data models, techniques for data mining, and segmentation.
  • Understand product specifications and user psychology
  • Excellent knowledge and practical experience of user-centered design.
  • Critical thinking: able to look at numbers, trends, and data and come to new conclusions based on the findings.
  • Good understanding of the principles of web accessibility.
  • Languages Required: Arabic &



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